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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Kriya yoga retreat at Kukkuchina near Babaji's cave

On September 13th I set foot  for the retreat at Kukkuchina,Himalyan hills. Took the flight to Delhi,3 hours flying time, took the sathabthi train to Kathgodam ,reached Kathgodam at 11a.m, had a delicious lunch at Udipi  restaurant ,and on the way to Kukkuchina by shared taxi. Beautiful drive along the mountain borders,through a an unending curves, hairpin bends.Reached Kukkuchina,comfortable  independant rooms with attached bath,geyser etc. sumptuous dinner and back to bed early.

Every day one hour kriya yoga meditation, concentrating on silence and breathing technique,  4 sessions a day. We have break of 3hrs after the morning session,when I usually take a walk along the well laid tar road,less traffic for about 5-6 k.m.Again after the lunch-{good whole sum veg. food} walk for about 1/2 hr. The atmosphere is pollution free with fresh oxygen really invigorating.the greenary,pounding rain for 1/2 hr,then suddenly sun breaks out,at time the clouds rapidly enveloping the entire valley below, a sight to behold to believe
With Joshi  a lovable gentleman  the owner of Joshi's cottage where we stayed 
Meditating at Babji's cave for 15 mins

Trekking upto Babaji"s cave with two sticks,  with Mr.Sharmaji behind me

Next I went trekking with few co participants to Babaji's cave,a one hour to reach the spot,from where Kriya yoga is born through Babji and passed on Yougananda paramahamsa.Silent meditation for 15 mins at Babaji's cave amidst serene tranquil calm ,greenery all around is something to be experienced

with co participants Mr.Ganesh fromUSA,Mr.Kalyan and Mr.Vivek at a pit stop tea break   
On the fifth day Master  Mr.Perr intiated me for the second stage of kriya yoga
On 21st September the return journey ,it has been tiresome driving back to base station Kathgodam,,train to Delhi airport by metro,spent nearly 10 hrs at the airport from 10 p.m to 6 a.m on 22nd  and reached home Coimbatore at 11 a.m .

the undulating blocks and blocks mountains,early morning  with sun break the glorious  Himalayan range a breath taking view. from the top of Joshi's cottage
Thigh tiring travelling up and down, it has been a whole sum exhilarating experience looking within in total silence , which I have decided to continue at home. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My interest in KRIYA YOGA

  I have heard people talking about Kriya  Yoga and its benefits ,but knew nothing about it. Few years back I met Sri.D.R.Kaarthikeyan when he addressed our "PARIVU" society inauguration when he presented me with few copies of  "Life  Positive " issues. In that there was an article about Kriya  yoga and about the spiritual master Mr.Per.H. Wibe an Austrian who has been teaching Kriya  yoga around the world for more than 20 years. I said to myself to give it a try,requested my son-in-law Mr.Ilango  an architect ,he willing we took a trip to Bangalore by car.

Both of were initiated by Master,the basis of kriya yoga,the seven chakras ,and more so the slow breathing inhaling and exhaling technique. we had about 4 sessions a day ,each session lasting about one hour. Initially I couldn't marginalise my wayward thought and focus on on my breath .Master kept emphasizing to observe the breath to immerse in silence. By third day I could cut down my negative thoughts by 20%. . Master emphasized the importance of honest commitment and regularity in practicing Kriya yoga.

After coming back to Coimbatore I practiced the yoga only in the morning,sometimes I missed the practise due other family commitments like marriage etc.No that I am retired I had good spare time to regularly practise kriya yoga . 10 months latter I attended the session san my son-in-law at Bangaluru for the second time .Master recognised me and encouraged to continue.

Back I was irregular with practise due to ill health of my life partner and failed attend any more session.

After my wife breathed her last few months back I decided start Kriya Yoga again held at AURO VLLE Ashram at Rangargh,Nainital district. It was one week course May 21-27. Took a flight to Delhi  arranged by my son stayed overnight at oyo hotel and took a train to Kathkodam station.Another participant from Delhi and myself took a sharing cab to Rangargh Auroville ashram.It has been a exhilarating experience up the Himalayan mountains, with serene silent ambience .We had four sessions daily and this time I could sense the change in my self,ability to concentrate on breathing and whenever negative thoughts arise I was able observe it rather than dwelling on it, I said to myself good keep it up,concentrate on breathing.  With  this as I attended more sessions I could feel a sense calmness enveloping me and after last session in the evening,I could even observe  my breathing while walking,,while sitting gazing at the valley below but still focussed with the inflow and out flow of each breath..There we were given satvic with plenty of greens,fruits. We  have to wash our dishes ,dry it and keep them stored in the rack. Some of were assigned to help in the kitchen like grating the vegetables,washing etc. this is something new but it gave us a sense joy and fulfillment.

Apart from that I acquainted my new friends with similar out look Mr.Mukeas from Mathura with whom I shared the room. we have to clean the room,make the bed,clean the toilet ourselves This has been a wonderful experience

Again in June 15-17 I attended Kriya Yoga session at Bangalore. At the end of it I could enjoy the palpable change in my out look saying to myself accept people as they are,stop judging other from your view,instead of picking faults appreciate and encourage even a small event,words,or deeds of others. Am I changing?! !. Hope fully so . Back at home town I now find time at least twice a day one hour each session,a hitherto inexperienced sense of fulfillment and joy. . I am planning to attend one week session at KUKKUCHINA  near BABA'S CAVE for one week in September.
                                      My room mate seated in front with shawl wrapped around
Dr.Raju with Master Mr.Per H..Wibe at Bangalore Pyramid valley June 15-17

Friday, September 1, 2017


ஆரோக்கியகுடும்ப  அங்கத்தினர்கள்  அமைத்த நீர்  மோர் பந்தல்