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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Diamond jubilee Alumni meet


                                        Madras Medical College 1957 Batch Alumni meet

We had wonderful,joyous Alumni get together at Intercontinental resort at Mahapalipuram,from 28th Dec for two days. Only 25 colleagues could join with their spouses and family the Alumni meet.Our batch  doctors almost all of them had P.G qualification, and three of them has been awarded PadmaShri,among them Dr.Chandrasekar ,well known Rheumatologist and Dr.Velmurugendarn distiquished neuro phsician ,Dr Badrinath internationaly recognised opthalmic surgeon[ who couldn't participate due other official engagement}  participated in the Alumni meet. It was very heart touching to see Dr.Rajkumar Pandian attended the meet even though for a short time in spite of his ill health.That is the spirit of friendship.We had three colleagues from U.S attended the meet.Respected Sri Nalli Kuppuswamy chettiar was the chef guest and he recalled the steps trodden in building his textile empire in Tamil nadu.He congratulated all of us and presented an award.

I was the only member attended the Alumni meet as a great grand father with one great grand son and one great grand daughter. All my children had a fabulous time building a sand castle

Mrs.Abirami Gugan, Mrs.Sakthi Gowthami,Dr.Suguna Priya,selvi Netraa,baby Sangavi,and master Pranav

In the evening we were entertained with a Thabala dance by local citizens

Latter we visited the Shell Museum one of the best in India with a collection of 40000 shells with 2500 varieties  from around the world collected by one family of Raja Mohamed meticulously displayed and only museum in the world with smallest shells about the size of kaduku

                 Latter we visited the Five Rathas built in Pallava times


Next day in the evening we visited the Dakshin Chitra a heritage museum displaying old traditional  life style and houses of Tamil Nadu,Andhra, Kerala,Karnataka

Dr.Velmurugendaran Neuro Physicican with his pains taking power point presentation took us back to the initiation Madras Medical College and its progress to renowned Medical College of international repute 

All is well that ends well with my children having gained new comrade re irrespective age  and gender and an opportunity for ageing senior colleagues  to travel down the memory lane 

Adieu till we all me meet .Thank the Almighty for his benevolence for our health and friendship  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality is one hundred percent.    R.D.Laing


Yes a blunt truth very succinctly  worded.But when I  deeply dwell  for a minute  I am  a little puzzled by branding life as disease since its birth by sexual transmission. Life has began nearly 3-4 million years ago in the form of single celled oraganism-Arachea  and has evolved    through various stages to the present state .Life has no mortality. Death is only is to the vehicle which carries the life in its journey. The vehicle may be human,plants,animals,insects or  any living organism in the planet.The vehicle may in its journey may die during the course of its journey by some form of disease or due to aging process. So where is this life after the death of vehicle? It is a million dollar question, discussed,critically analyzed ,various hypothesis put  forth  but without any consensus opinion. As an illiterate on this subject I remain in awe without offering any answer. However I disagree in branding life as disease even though life is sexually transmitted

Further Disease -{DIS-EASE}- means a state of being unwell either physically,mentally which is unlikely in all cases right from birth, so branding life as a disease is not correct 

LIFE: L- Living ,I-In the,F-Flow of,E-Enegry
Living  In The  Flow of Energy

Life is living, being alive, being energized towards ,growing,maturing,learning the art of survival while the nucleus in the hypothalamus through secretion of various hormones  takes care of energy  homeostasis so that the energy produced by food intake and the energy utilized are balanced. Energy is utilized in the perception of sight,smell,taste,sound,touch so that it is identified and properly interpreted  such that the body can suitable respond. This sense of perceptibility is present in animals,insects and in some plants e.g Mimosa  Pudica a sensitive plant which when touched fold and drop to defend themselves and open again after a few minutes. We humans are blessed with the ability to think of any relevant subject, critically analyze and take suitable action. Thought is the grass root of our imagination, innovation ,creation,and implementation of ideas for practical applicability. More energy is utilized for this purpose. This creative  energy is always on the flow and so long it is positively directed we are happy and contended which is the sole purpose in life.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

great grand daughter

great grand daughter

After more than three years my grand daughter Sakthi Gowthami delivered a cute female baby. becoming a great grand father[KOLLU THATHA IN TAMIL] is a unparallelled joy and ecstasy