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Sunday 18 July 2021

Forest bathing

 Forest bathing experience by members of Aarogyakudumbam a senior citizens retirement home at Mangarai. Most of the senior members are brisk walkers in the morning  and some in the  evening. I proposed to take them for a short  walk around the woods within the campus, without any hesitation nearly 15 members agreed. We assembled at the foot hills  village type swing .I briefed them about forest bathing, when we take a leisurely walk without any, electronic  gadgets, admiring the green nature ambience, the forest aroma, the birds chipping, admiring the different foliage of trees, sunrays  glistening through the leaves. Such walk for about 1-2 hrs.' is a booster of immunity, reduces  stress level, a sense of happiness and togetherness with nature. These self realization good feelings are due to good hormones, oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and reduced secretion of cortisol and nor -adrenaline. These well being is due to the volatile oils Phytoncides emanating from the trees. thus we walkers are in symbiotic relationship with the vibratory rhythm of the inanimate nature 

                                           Mr.Anjaneyalu   meditating under the tree

                 Walkers resting in silence enjoying the aroma, with awareness of their breath 

                Prior to trekking assembled at the Palm  tree swing, ready with a walking stick

Friday 19 February 2021


  My  time  at Thiruvanamalai temple hills

Ever since my wife Mrs.Ramalakshmi  breathed her last and bid good buy to us family members and the planet earth, It has been my vision and ambition to go on a sabbatical  to a pilgrimage center and be in solitude for some time. Last Karthikai  Deepam time my grand daughter selvi  Netraa wanted to go to Thiruvannamalai temple since she had her dance performance at LORD  ARUNACHALAESWAR A  temple at Thiruvannamalai and she thus wished to visit the temple once more. I quickly joined her troupe with her class mate and friend Gayathri, her mother, and of course my D.I.L  and her father Mr.Sengodan, while Selvi Netra and her friend choose to climb up the hill to view the Deepam ,we preferred to walk around the Girivalam  route. It nearly 4 hrs to complete the 14 k.m circle road. We returned the same night to Coimbatore although very late arriving at 2.30 a.m.

Since coming back I have trying to get an accommodation at Sri.Ramna Ashram but due Covid -19 issues the ashram was not open to public. 

Through chain of contacts,Mr.Kanthimathinathan,MrJayan of Hydrabed,Mr.Shanmugam at Thiruvanamalai, and finally with Mr. Vadivelu,  I booked accommodation in guest house located near the Grivalam route, reached he guest house by 3.30 p.m.New building but unfortunately it has no wash basin, this I realised only after confirming  the room, otherwise it is comfortable, with Geyser, fan and of course no mosquito. I said to myself, an opportunity without a wash basin for me to accept, adjust, given to me while I am on a sabbatical pilgrimage a learning curve to understand life. With Mr.Vadivelu I went to the temple, had good divine dharsan of Lord Arunaleswara, had fruits and nuts , retired early to bed. Next Morning by 5.30 a.m stepped out of the room ,on my way for Girivalam, walked with medium pace chanting Om Namasivaya, completed the 14k.Im route in about 4 hrs. Indeed I felt a sense of calmness,peace and happiness after completing the Grivalam ,had couple of Iddlies wh In the evening escorted by Mr.Vadivelu went to the temple had a good dharsan of Lord Siva. Went to bed  early after a couple of biscuits and two plantains.

Next Morning Vadivelu drove my car and we went to very old ancient temple of LORD PERUMAL at Adhi Thiruvarangam about 27 k.m from the guest house. There is a small rivulet which I was told is the stream let out from the nearby Sathanur dam for irrigation purposes.

 After washing our feet we entered  the temple .which looks very ancient. LORD PERUMAL is in the lateral recumbent lying position, while worshipping the LORD  the pujari told us there I am due to visit the ancient temple ,and that is the reason you have come here to day

When the Pujari told me about my Karma offered my gratitude for bringing me here at your feet, and prayers to LORD PERUMAL and sought his blessings

   This is the one very old architecture near the compound  wall of the temple, it doesn’t appear to be the sanctum sanctorum of Lord, but the different architecture is very impressive

Now I am reading “Kriya Yoga” book by Paramahamsa Harharananda a wonderful book on Kriya Yoga. In the evening visited the temple for the second time and had very good dharsan of LORD ARUNALESWARA. My original plan is to walk the Kirivalam daily, but due to the cramps I had the first day,I decided to skip the kirivalam

On the third day the 11th of Feb, Thursday, I wanted to visit the nursery in the morning, but the acting driver vadivelu arranged for me, wished to start early since he wanted to catch the 3.30 train at Coimbatore for his return journey. I said O.K, and decided to have LORD dharsan early morning at 5.30 a.m.. Leaving my sandals at the front entrance I entered the temple through RAJGOPURAM entrance, not much crowd, had a good dharsan. went around the temple, worshipped Lord GIGANTIC NANDHI, found a place of solitude sat down and recited the “SIVA PURANAM” compiled by Thiruganasambander for ten mins. Happened to see a board “PATHALA  LINGAM” went inside, a small LINGAM  located about 15ft,below.It is  the LORD LINGAM which I believe that Sri.Rmanamaharishi worshipped for years forbearing the termite and insect bites, and latter attained his MAHA SAMADHI. This Sanctum was renovated and inaugurated by the then Governor general Sri Rajagopalachariyar in the year 1949. Offered  my prayers for some time sitting in the steps leading down the basement.

 The temple has high rise compound walls on all four sides with an entrance on all four sides. Being new, I was not properly orientated  about the exit ways, I was passing  by, trying to find the exit, a one I found ,I said no, I should find my way out only through Raja gopuram, so retraced my steps, looking hither and thither for some one to guide me,  all around it barricaded with brass separator to form a queue system. Suddenly one couple pushed the barrier and entered to worship  LORD NANDHI, o.k I said and  eased myself found elderly gentleman sitting in chair ,covered with a shawl  all by himself, I decide to ask  him to guide me to Rajagopuram entrance , before I could open a conversation, with the elder gentleman , another devotee came and I enquired about the way to Rajagopuram, he promised to show me, offered me milk abisakam , I religiously sipped it, he later told that this milk abisakam is being performed first in the morning for nearly 40 years, and the milk is procured by the elder gentleman quietly seated, his name is SriRanganathar. I touched his feet and  took the blessings of Sri Rangamnathar. I was guided to the Rajagopuram until then I totally forgot that I left my sandals at the entrance my earlier intention to find Rajagopuram was not to get back my sandals,I just wished to go out through Rajagopuram. Easing myself at a corner as I offered my prayers reciting Sivapuranam  . It is then my thoughts flashed to my mind , loitering within the temple to find my way out, why did I wished to go out through Rajagopuram only ? ! Definitely not to find my  sandals. Why I did  choose to retrace my steps, what guided me to  meet the SriRanganathar seated alone ?,how come I was blessed  with the milk abisekam that is being performed meticulously for 40 years by a devotee ,most certainly it is not simple accidental incident, but the divine blessings of LORD  ARUNALSWARA. I have not told anyone about the happenings and my perception of the events for they will brush off as Oh. It is just a coincidence, I believe it, that is what it counts ,thus I journal  the happenings for my own peace and which will enable me seek self realization and bonding with cosmic consciousness.  I most certainly wish to go again, pay my respects to Sri Ranganathar and take his blessing with a drop of milk abisekam


Saturday 23 November 2019

Madras Medical college 1957 batch ALUMNI MEET at Coimbatore

Madras Medical  College 1957 batch Alumni meet  at COIMBATORE

We the class mates belong to the last batch of Intermediate 1955-1957. Qualifying from different colleges  in Tamil Nadu joined Madras Medical college in 1957.At that time there were only 3 medical colleges in Tamil Nadu,M.M.C,STANLEY MEDICAL and MADURAI MEDICAL each with an intake of about 130 students /year. Of course Christian Medical College at Vellore also existed at that time. After graduation many of them took ECFMG exam and trans located to USA for better prospects. Many who choose to stay back in India qualified fro M.D, M.S and further qualified in their  chosen super specialty like cardiology, neurology,ophthalmology,,orthopedics,neuro vascular surgery,Gastroenterology, Pediatrics,gynecology anesthesiology etc.Many of the them went to U.K for jobs and for higher qualification like Fellowship in surgery,anesthesia, or settled with general practice with good remuneration.

We are highly proud  that our batch mates, Dr.Badrinath founder chairman of Sankar Netralaya and Dr.Velmurugendran eminent neuro physician were honored with PADMA  BHUSAN award and Dr.Janarthan Rao specialist surgeon in Australia was decorated with Honorary Consulate Of Melbourne Australia,and Dr.Velmurugan leading G.P in London,who held post as elected counselor
in London

Once in two to three years our Alumni meet is celebrated at picturesque location like OOTY, KODAICANAL,THEKADI, MAHAPALIPURAM, MYSORE,KERALA. Our Diamond Jubilee Celebration was held on 28th December 2016 at a resort in NMR road  in Chennai.

This year 2019 we celebrated at Coimbatore in My Village Resort for two days,and before bidding bye to the colleagues a farewell lunch was hosted by myself being the trustee of a retirement home AAROGYAKUDUMBAM at the foot hills of the western ghats . Most of us have spent 8 decades of their time in this planet EARTH ,but never ending enthusiasm,friendly,brotherly spirit participated some them with a walking stick or with a helping hand,admirable indeed

selvi Netraa and selvi Gayathri entertaining  with a dance

Many of our class mates have attained the heavenly bliss or not physically fit to participate  handful Only  20 class mates could attend

                              young dance artist felicitated by  Mrs.Radha Murali and Dr.Karagam 
joy ride in the electric car

Dr.P.C.Raju and Dr.T.N.Krishnamoorthy at the village resort

young prodigy master Sarvesh entertainment with his solo drumbeats

Dr.Velmurugan at the buffet with the chef

Bonn  fire and dance to the tune "YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO BE HAPPY"
Mrs.Radha Muralidharan felicitating artist Master Sarvesh for his excellent solo drum beats

Adieu every one till our next Alumni meet,Take care