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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

trip down memory lane

Nostalgic memories
I studied at Lawrence school ,Lovedale,Ooty from 1951 to 1954.At that time the annual holiday was in winter i.e. December to January. Once when I was on holiday I broke my leg playing foot ball with tennis ball, as such I couldn’t continue there. I lived in Aravlli house. At 6.30 a.m.when the trumpet sound is heard we run down for piece of bun and tea, after that we are taken for a rapid march for half an hour. we are allowed to take a bath only on alternate days a quick fix, for the sergeant keeps a watchful eye. Horse riding, boxing are compulsory. Scared of a fight I feigned sickness at the hospital. In the evening we are trained with dummy guns with slope arm present arm, order arm. We were only 15 Tamil speaking students. We are not allowed to talk in our mother tongue and once we were got red handed by the British boys and handed over to the headmaster. In retaliation we got them smoking in the toilet. THOSE WERE THE DAYS .HOW I WISH I COULD RELIVE THOSE DAYS OF FUN, FIGHT, FROLICING WITH FRIENDS

Even though I have visited Ooty many times always failed to visit my Lawrence school.
This time I made it point to visit along with my family. That day was holiday I couldn’t get inside my old Aravalli dormitory the main building remains the same but they have done absorbing landscaping and added new houses.
We stayed old British house now used as “GLYNGARTH VILLA” for tourists.
Nice place with good hospitality.
Posted few photos {pardon for the quality as I am beginning to learn posting} for your pleasure

nilgri mountain railway

steam loco motive puffing and negotiating a curve

grand son at the tunnel

family at the botanical garden


with the wax model of Gandhi

Grand daughter on horse back

Lawrence school

Flowers made thread at thread garden[A UNIQUE GARDEN}