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Friday, August 9, 2013


                          BORN  TO  DIE !!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx BORN  TO  LIVE

The water starved parched mother earth exhibiting cracks and the citizens looking up the sky hoping for some rain, for nearly two years- the rain God has been kind  in the last few days, such that the water bodies around the city are filling up –thanks to the efforts of Srithuli -the dams are filling to capacity level and the river NOYYAL  welcoming the citizens for the Adi festival. The urban city is having only  welcome  showers-if it pours then the city roads will be water logged causing traffic chaos –the weather is very pleasant and ideal for early morning walk breathing  unpolluted  fresh oxygen exhaled by the avenue of trees in the citizens’ park.
After a few rounds it is my habit to sit in the  bench for a few minutes to relax  with abdominal breathing ,when I plan my priorities for the day. It is then one day I couldn’t help but overhear few middle aged three males and one female conversing first their grievances in their jobs and latter the topic shifted to spirituality when I my curiosity sharpened my ears to listen further. I could understand from their discussion that they lost one of their friends in an accident recently and his kidney, cornea was donated by the relatives.
“ It is unfortunate that he is such a charming man , pious and God loving,always duty conscious and a devoted husband. Why should GOD punish him in such accident . This makes me angry and doubt the existence of God.”   Opined the youngest among the group
“ yes he has a good name in the company and has very bright prospects in future but it is the way it has to be – I am not certain  whether God  is there or not ,but his bad luck he was knocked down by the  speeding van “ Agnostic view
Middle aged Theist “ look just because he died in an accident You cannot deny the existence of GOD . I believe that the fault is by both –if only both  adhered to traffic rules the accident could have been avoided. Don’t you see that if he had worn helmet fatality could have been eliminated?”
Atheist middle aged male couldn’t help voicing his views” if you believe in God why is there so many Gods Muslim god,christian god,Hindu god  and there are so many Hindu god s why ?If God  has created this world there should be one and only god. Why is the politics among gods, each given a portfolio of wealth, education, health, welfare, annihilation etc like our ministers? No one has seen God .It is all pure and simple imagination by different individual.
“ Look just because no one has seen God you cannot deny the existence of God. Not necessary to see god- you believe in electricity, magnetism, earth gravity – have you seen them ,no ,still you believe that electricity,gravity exists”
“O.K.O.K What you have said about electricity, gravity  etc all physics existing in the universe. Even though we don’t see them we are benefited by them aren’t we “
“yes no denying ,you are benefited without seeing them. But where did this gravity,magnetism come from. That is physics and chemistry created in the universe  by God’.
No one can give a valid answer to satisfy everyone.  All of us are “BORN TO DIE “
Come let us go home .was his verdict.
These words ‘BORN TO DIE” his voice modulation and the positive affirmative gesture by his hand  was such, as if the sole purpose of birth is to die ,struck my Glabella between eye brows like a lightning and when returned home lying in the bed with eyes closed started contemplating, analyzing the meaning “BORN TO DIE”   I f that is so why should God create life ? is it just annihilate latter! I don’t think so. When does one believe that we are born ? Is it when the sperm mates with the ova in the fallopian tube and latter gets implanted in the uterus? If w e accept the new life is created after the fertilization of ova and gets implanted in the uterus then why is that the fetus is still born before it could breathe fresh air as it cries with joy or anguish for having landed in the planet earth!  O.K.then why the time gap between birth and death ? and why the time gap varies from one to another human? What is expected of mankind in the time interval between birth and death? Is it just to eat,gossip,work to earn living ,marry,mate and procreate the human species. Animals,birds,reptiles etc does the same eating, mating and procreation.Why God the creator,created different species in the planet earth?Animals and birds also have inborn feelings like compassion towards fellow in taking care of new born and also exhibit  anger in predation . So how do we differ from animals and birds.

I am convinced that we are endowed with some unique qualities by the benevolence of GOD  

INTELLECTUAL THINKING ,REASONING  : It provides us with correct perspective to differentiate  between good and bad and also to control our Ego,Hatred,Anger Jealousy   etc. Once when these cobwebs are dusted off then our soul and mind  are in harmony ,guiding us to live in peace and contentment.
INTROSPECTION : To introspect in silence is a golden opportunity for us to look within  which is the habitat of soul,consciousness,or superconsciousness or divinity ,call it what you like. These super natural power house guides us  to realize the purpose of birth,  and while alive admiring with awe the creation of universe equipped with oxygen,sunlight,water the essential ingredient to sustain life .
LAUGHTER: Laughter is one unique quality that distinguishes mankind from animals. To laugh at a joke require presence of mind, intelligence to interpret the meaning is the only way when we live in the present now and  to clear our ego. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul

IMAGINATION: Imagination and the undying eagerness to explore  is the seed which flourished  in creating the latest technological advances in modes of communication,travel,education life saving procedures  and our achievements in space and under sea research
So if we a were born only to die ,then how we could have achieved all the modern developments? Obviously, the creator did create the universe with many living species including mankind with some specific purpose.GOD the creator has given us  full freedom to choose the way we desire to live.
Birth and death are just entry and exit points.Death is only separation of soul when the personality dies but the soul enlivens

Yes I am totally convinced that we are “BORN TO LIVE “and not ‘BORN TO DIE “   
Next time when I happen to meet the trio at the park, I will  emphatically voice my views that we are BORN TO LIVE and not born to die .Your friend who died in  an accident is  living through his donated cornea and kidney. ORGAN DONATION  is the best social service to the mankind 

My ramblings are the outcome of my overhearing the gossip- bad habit I am aware- all the same I am thankful for kindling my thought.