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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

finding a fault in others

Finding a fault in others is not a fault by itself. The fault is how we react to the fault of others. All of us have committed a fault sometime in our life journey. No one is immune. If we react with harsh, unparlimentary words we are not only insulting the fault maker but also the anger and stress is harmful to our health.. None of us like to be hurt that way. When we underestimate others it amounts overestimating ourselves. This is reflection of EGO [EDGING GOD OUT}. The letters stands for the three fingers middle, ring and little fingers pointing at us when the index finger is pointing at the fault maker
As a human instinct all of us expect words of appreciation. If only we choose words to suggest that the particular work or action could have been successful if done in an alternative way then we are not only suggesting a new approach to the problem but also not injuring ourselves. If the employee is not correcting himself then it is better he is shown the door, rather than abusing him. It is oft said that if the student fails the teacher fails worse. At home parents and grand parents should act as role model for the children. We must also learn to live with the flow of live

When we condemn others but excuse ourselves for the mistake that amounts to cheating
Forgiveness dissolves the compulsive need to prove ourselves right. Forgiveness is a good house keeper of the mind