living bridge

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



First of all when one is alive and active how can there be retirement in life ?We disengage from one career and engage in different profession
to remain active and happy. I t is oft quoted that Surgeons don't retire since either their hands are itchy or the relatives and his patients don't allow them to retire for their own selfish reasons. I have achieved most of my professional ambitions and having my children well settled I have drawn a line of contentment and decided to pursue a different life style after convincing my family and my grateful patients. This is response to my inner voice calling to do something different somewhat different for some years now. It took nearly 2 years to plan to choose a different life style I have chosen a different life style engaging myself with agriculture and promoting activities of my mother’s trust establishing a senior citizens retirement home, day care centre, and possibly establishing a pre school. My wish is also to construct a free marriage hall at my native place..Analysing what i am going to miss or loose and what I stand to gain after choosing a different life style the gain features scored over loss.. Let me narrate what they are.


It is more of miss rather than a loose

First of all I miss my patients. the challenge of diagnosing, the thrill of operating, and accepting the gratitude of the patient. the smiling face and the body language says it all. In no other profession one can get such heart felt gratitude. This cannot be bought for any price.

I miss my colleagues and fellow doctors very dearly. The gettogether, reminences of good old days, healthy discussion, helping hand under difficult situations will remain green in my memory.

Opportunity to get exposed to newer developments, attending conferences seminar etc Attending conferences at different cities is an opportunity to meet old friends ,specialist in a chosen field, and also sight seeing the important places, going on a safari etc..These are badly missed

Reduce income: During my active professional life I have enjoyed certain luxuries and materialistic wealth. With reduced income after retirement I should think twice before buying things which are not basic necessities .then that will amount to robbing my own back account. I have saved enough wealth for my future life so that I need not depend on my children. I have also taken mediclaim policy to take care of any future health problem

I am fully aware that whatever I miss can never be regained. I have pondered over these points for a long time. The longer the time I took, the picture emerged clear that I will be experiencing the same benefits and contacts much like my earlier years. I am always reminded the golden words of LORD BUDHA that human birth is a s rare as a morning star. I am also fully aware that I will not be called up for a second opinion, or advise and slowly the image I have established as a surgeon will fade away. After great contemplation I have decided to seek a different life style wherein I will be able to answer my inner voice. Now it is time for me to draw a line of contentment regarding professional life. All these years I have lived for my children and patients and now it is time to live for myself.

a] Time for myself

The most valuable gain is the time for myself. I am free to choose what I want to do rather than what I have to do. I am free to alter my schedule to suit my other engagements,, programme etc even at the last minute. I am only answerable to my inner voice. Daily wakeup time, bed time may be changed to suit my engagements. I am able to spend time for yoga, exercise, meditation etc at a leisurely pace. There is more than enough time to remain in solitude, introspect with, conscious breath. to remain in solitude is indeed is a great boon for seniors like us wherein we realize our shortcomings, egoism. Silence in solitude motivates us to become compassionate with love and empathy. I am able to spend an hour a day with my system wherein I am able to see many of inspirational thoughts, motivational anecdotes. Retirement jokes etc gives me food for thought, while rejuvenating my spirit and self belief. I have ample time for leisurely reading magazines like readers digest, eternal solutions, dignity foundation, national geographic Tamil magazines like pasumai vikadan, naveena velamai, and books like Taming the tiger by Rinponche, How to live life a digest edition, art of happiness a conversation with Dalai lama, Sphere of silence by Vijay Easwaran,reflection by Akbar Ali Jetha, I find and achieve immense joy and happiness by daily repeatedly reading golden words by Vijay Easwaran and Akbar Ali Jetha Another most valuable asset is that I have established contact with citizens with different life style people in the forest department, agriculture and other social activities. It is really soul satisfying to meet people with alternate interest and learn from them and exchange views . I have been fortunate to become a member of laughter club and tree growers association I love trees and as such I have stated planting trees like Milia dubia, kumil, pungai, etc. Plans are also to start organic farming at mangarai.

B} Time for my family with children.

Now I have enough time to be with family and children. It is a pleasure to take my grand children for a walk, horse ride and around the park when they enjoy I feel fulfilled with contentment. Children also fell free relaxed with our company and not afraid to express themselves freely. at times we are loss for words to reply to their why? When? And how?. As I used to quote often it is joy to become a father but becoming a grand father is really an ecstasy beyond compare .Now I have time to attend family functions and spend some time with them


The value of this art I have realized only after retirement. Listening to my patients and family members they are happy after having expressed their sufferings opinion in their own words and develop confidence in me . I am also able to understand their character, behavior, temperament etc.I am also becoming more mature and influences me to develop compassion, and care.
Quite likely the lingering I ego in me will be got rid of soon. I have learnt a lot and still learning .Slowly I have become to respect others opinion and views and not trying to contradict them


For a surgeon there is always a certain amount stress operating and until the patient is discharged. Now I don’t worry when cell phone or the front door bell rings. In fact I sleep better undisturbed and wake up fresh. I have leisurely meals enjoying every bite of it as such my digestion and bowel habits are at ease.


Over the last 40 years of professional carrier I have developed wide circle of patient clientele. To maintain the rapport and the confidence of my grateful patients I continue to see some of my grateful patients, do only the basic tests and refer them to appropriate specialist if my service by that way is going to help my patients I am happy for them.