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Monday, September 27, 2010

The enemy within

What is anger?

It is a emotional outburst to any others behaviour,or incidents or unfaourable circumstances or unexpected results or own health problems.It need not be shown by way of shouting,hitting,breaking things etc.It is also expressed in subtle forms of irritation,aloofness,resentfulness,rejecting someone mentally.The anger expression is really connected to negative emotion.

Why one gets angry?

Anger is Ego-driven, EGO is Edging GOD Out

Ego is so much part of us because we have put so much energy in building it up. We generally seek refuge in arrogance fuelled by Ego,thinking it is our strength. In reality it is our weakness that covers an innate sense of inferiority. When we underestimate others we are in fact overestimating ourselves which switches on the angry button giving justification for the anger outburst.

Harmful effcts of anger.

Anger is self destructive--out pouring of adrenaline leading to rapid heart rate,high blood pressure.Having burnt up the energy one feels totally exhausted,tired,weak which in turn makes more irritable.

Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

In an instant a decade of good work can be wiped out by anger. not attempting to overcome anger one has to live with eternal fear of anger. Anger feeds and results in more anger --a never ending cycle.Anger can never is an effective way to resolve issues. it harms the giver as well as the receiver .The family relationship is fractured unravelling the fabric of the society.Ultimately we are in the midst of epic like war,with ego as our nemesis.Every day brings a new battle and the battlefield is within.The malacious anger enemy within us invariably is self destructive

Tips to ovecome anger.

Sure everyone desires to get rid of this corrosive and debilitating anger. But how? easily said than done

Ask yourself. WHY? We never ask why because we are afraid of the answers.Knowing why often puts immediate full stop to anger.Instead of getting angry retreat into silence and analyse why? In moving from ignorance to knowledge the ego and anger gets crushed. We need not try to be a perfectionist but aim to maintain a equilibrium within.If you dsiagree when some one shouts at you, get out for fresh air breathing, then you will be in mood to voice your opinion in a subtle tone rather than getting angry

Develop the art of listening to others views.learn to agree to disagree. any topic to be discussed but not argued. respect feeling ,opinion of others slow down, give it a thinking for a second time, before you react.It is like reading between lines. if someone shouts at you don't retaliate in a similar fashion, when in due course the anger of other person will melow down.Practise of yoga and meditation in silence is rejuvenating, empowering self with patience,tolerance,peace,and kindness. When we are bitten by a snake we should not allow the venom to get into our blood circulation.When we are peace within ouselves none can ignite the fire of anger in us.