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Saturday, November 1, 2008



What are the options available after retirement.?
1] CARE TAKER OF THE FAMILY :wherein the retired man /woman takes care of the day to day household work like paying bills, taxes, purchasing daily needs, attending telephone calls, baby sitting, answering front door bells etc.. This type of retirement life is more or less thrust upon them while the youngsters are busy building up their career, name ,image ,focus entirely being towards a monitory oriented .There is hardly any time or intention for relaxed family get-together. .If both the seniors and the children have their own freedom there will be mutual respect with healthy relationship.

2] TAKE UP A SECOND SALARIED CAREER:This type of retired life becomes obligatory when there is no financial support, and the need is to take care of the spouse. One is left with no choice except to live with their children who don’t offer any helping hand. but expect them to take up option [1} i.e. care taker of the family. Under such circumstances retired persons forced to meet his or her medical expenses and daily needs. Hence a retired citizen has to take up a remunerative job to meet the ends in spite of his infirmity.

3]BECOME A MOUSE OR COUCH POTATO:Addiction to T.V. or computer is no doubt time passing but eventually lead to obesity,hypertension,cardiac problem, depression,alzhemier disease. This is certainly contraindicated. This type addiction will no doubt invite physical and mental abuse from children

4] CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A RETIREMNET COMMUNITY:This seems to be the best option when a citizen has [a] saved enough wealth to take care of both husband and wife [b]in reasonable good health [c]insured against medical expenses [d]maintaining a harmonious relationship with children. This will ensure freedom to children to live their chosen way of life and avoid day-to-day friction between in-laws., and avoid contempt breeding In fact this will strengthen the bond and relationship with affection between parents and children when they get-together during family functions or holidaying together with grand children
Living in a retirement community will open up opportunities to explore new avenues to do something different to give vent to your latent hidden thoughts, take up hobbies like gardening, reading, agriculture, bee keeping, recreational activities like golf, shuttle, chess, scrable etc.One will be able to interact with co citizens to go together to temples, pilgrimage centers etc.Life in retirement community with different form of engagement we are free to choose want we want.. This gives a great deal satisfaction and peace of mind. We are free to engage in group activities like social service, helping orphanage children, health care for tribal people etc.. Opportunities to take part in meditation, yoga etc will provide positive emotional energy and help to slow the aging process.. With right attitude this change this life will be a most satisfying period of leisure and contended life. There is sense of freedom with new life rhythm. We will be able to relish the quietness and appreciate of being alone and not wanting to be among the rat race crowd. What seemed important earlier doesn’t seem to be any more.

The most vital aspect of retired life is not only to keep our physical well being but also to keep our mind active, energetic, willimgness to lend our ears to others views, and accept things and people as they are .It is essential for a retired senior citizen to have self belief in his /her ability to handle pain,sorrow,or good news with equilibrium. Day to day learning new words, solving crosswords, puzzles will energize the brain and boost up the immune system. Above all as we age we should accept life as it is, learn to be listener rather than critical, view other opinion as suggestion rather than critical or reprimanding, develop compassion and empathy ,cut down our expectations and demand to the bare minimum. This way we become wiser and age gracefully.