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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How can one retire from life while he or she is still alive and kicking. you may disengage from one profession to may disengage from civil service,private business or profession like engineer,or doctor and engage yourself taking up hobby,like gardening,painting ,touring the world,beekeeping,taking social service to the needy,or engaging yourself with what you have been wanting to do while you were in service but did'nt have the time -what i am meaning to say is that you are still alive and being engaged and hence the wording retired life is not appropriate. when you are in the active professional life you are earning and after certain stage you are no more an earning member and spending time with your saved wealth and enjoying life so we cannot call it a second career either. what people mean when they say they have retired that they are no more a earning member but enjoying life with their saved wealth.Retirement is synonymous with ‘VANAPRASTHA” meaning cessation of productive activity, a period of introspection and coming to terms with oneself. Retirement does not mean to sit back and become a couch or mouse potato. On the other hand there should be a continuation engagement in an activity of one’s choice in a relaxed mood and with compassion and which gives contention. Age should not be the cut of point. Happiness should be the goal

my complete profile

My complete profile


Age:70 yrs
Profession: surgeon
Qualification:F.R.C.S Edinburgh
Now retired:
Established a senior citizens home and settled
Promoting active productive life for senior citizens