living bridge

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Let me first discuss retirement plan for a couple.Husband and wife agree towards retirement.. I am sure that lady more than the husband will be more willing to retire early considering the fact that she has been all these years looked after the house keeping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc . Sure enough she looks forward to a relaxed life which will free her of the burden. All the more these days when getting reliable house help is a daunting problem. It is often said that after retirement the wife gets a full time husband. Not many husbands are keen to help out with the house keeping since either they are unwilling or too lazy or unfamiliar with job .Now we have a case when the lady feels enough is enough with the housekeeping and the husband not keen to give a helping hand to the lady. Both of them are eager to retire and there will be no need for house keeping and the husband also is free..They will have to find a place to be taken care of reg.their food, health, security..Food preferably vegetarian should be easily digestible with less oil, salt fried foods etc .basic health care, emergency medical aid should be available with in the campus. Facilities to take care of them till their end with nursing assistance, physiotherapy are essential. Having lived in urban surroundings all these years retirement place should be free from noise and air pollution. Security for the residents with round the clock watch and ward, intercom communication system, fire extinquisheretc are essential
For a bachelor, divorcee, or spinster the retirement plan is much simpler since he /she are alone to decide without the need to give respect the views of the spouse.
Living in retirement homes will open up avenues for socializing with like minded citizens, form a platform for discussion, to create opportunities like part time education, teaching embroidery, toy making etc.These will impart a sense purpose in life with commitment. Here we have something to live for, where there is no room for brooding over the past or worrying about the future.
Facilities for supervised yoga, meditation will help to inculcate compassion, empathy etc

Like minded citizens are free to get together and take picnic tour to hill stations or pilgrimage to temples..
Keeping pets like dogs will ensure a sense of belonging. Opportunities to take up a hobby like gardening, bee keeping, vocal or instrumental music, taking part in laughter club or indoor games like chess, scrable, and dart will help to rejuvenate the aging mind..

All such activities will prevent the aging mind sinking into depression.