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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Food gives us the energy and nutrients necessary to maintain health and life, nourishing our brain, circulatorary, respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems.
It is quoted” YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”
What better example can we get than from the life style of a colony of bees.
In one colony of bees there are worker female bees,male drone bees and a single queen bee.worker bees are sterile ,their job is to take care of the hive ,collect nectar from flowers, feed the pupa with the nectar mixed with their saliva. Only one pupa which is fed with what is known as ROYAL JELLY becomes aqueen bee latter. Royal jelly is fed only when the present queen bee is weak and there is need for new queen bee. Rest of the pupa blossom to become either a male drone or a worker bee. The queen bee mates in the atmosphere only once and it will lay eggs as and when required. What is this royal jelly? How only that pupa which is fed with royal jelly becomes a queen bee? No definite reason or answer is forthcoming sofar.I am really spellbound by the intelligence of these tiny creatures the way they dance to communicate, utilize sunlight as their guide in their search for nectar,keep their hive warm and clean by the scavenger bees etc.
I am totally convinced that it is the food that we eat decides as to what we are ,regarding our physical health,mind ,intellect, outlook to life ,how we respect other’s views and opinion without egosim

Food decides the nature of your mind. Mind is born of the food you take.” SATHYA SAI BABA”

Three Types of food are consumed by the citizens.
It is basically total vegetarian. Fresh fruits, vegetables,sprouting pulses,tomatoes,nuts almonds, walnut ,plantains, milk buttemilk,ghee etc.These are small in bulk, but great in providing nourishment and vitality. no doubt the vegetarian diet is rather poor in protein and minerals. But can be to a large extent compenstated with the addition of more green vegetables,nuts,fruits, with less of carbohydrate.
Satvic foods produce cheerfulness, mental clarity and help to maintain mental equilibrium. It supplies the maximum energy to the body and the mind, as it is very easily assimilated and absorbed.
According to SRI SATHYA SAI BABA satvic diet includes the air we breathe, the noise we hear, the sights we see, and the objects we touch and feel should be pure
Fried foods, meat, fish, eggs, sweets, carrots, black-gram, onions, garlic, lemon, , tea, coffee, betel, tobacco are all Raja sic foods. Chillies,cloves,mustard etc are also rajasic food. These foods produce restlessness,egosistic mind with evil thoughts,
Non vegetarian diet,meat, garlic, alcohol and tobacco are Tamasic foodstuffs as they fill the mind with ego, anger,hatred, and lethargy. Stale, dry, unripe, burnt or overcooked is all Tamasic in nature. Fermented foods like cheese and leftovers also fall under this category.

FOOD PURITY:Food prepared by a person with good thoughts,intentions impart subtle vibrations which makes the food more palatable and nourishing whereas the vibrations produced by evil thoughts harm the consumer. That is the reason that same food prepared by two different persons by the same tecnique tastes different.

EATING HABITS: Gone are those days when the entire family used to sit together for all three meals in the day at fixed time, how they used to talk about the delicacy of each preparation the idly, dosai, vadai, payasam etc , the entire conversation is centered around the menu only and appreciation and congratulation of the chef.
Now a days no family togetherness no talk about the menu, sit in front the idiot box and watching soap opera, terror etc and gulping the food without enjoying the taste. Discussion only reg terror strike,politics,family dispute, court cases etc

1]Eat only when you are hungry. If one disciplines to take food at fixed timing hunger pangs will come at same fixed time.
2]. As far as possible eat only home made food
3] Eat at leisure; enjoy every bite of the meal. Digestion starts at the mouth level with proper mastication mixed with saliva the digestion and assimilation are simplified
4] Eat only in moderation
5]Family members sit together, relaxed, engaging with healthy conversation.
6]sit down and relax to eat
7]Drimk 2to 3 litters of water in 24 hrs.

1]Eating at odd timings
2]Eating in a hurry
3]Eating wayside hotels
4]Eating while watching T.V. or working with a computer.
5]Eating without proper mastication
6}Eating old cooked meals, deep fried foods, foods with artificial preservation
7] Drinking water in between
8] Engaging in conversation with animosity, anger, hatred ego etc while eating
9] Failure to say a word appreciation for the chef and the quality of food.
10]Do not eat when you are angry, depressed or bored.
11]Donot waste food

Nowadays youngsters lured by the fat salary offered by the I.T. sector they fail to understand WHAT TO EAT, WHERE TO EAT, WHEN TO EAT, HOW TO EAT AND HOW MUCH TO EAT.I will never accept when they say that no time to eat because of their commitment to job. As a result they eat sitting in front of the system, munching on whatever they can lay their hand on. Within a year or so they develop all sorts of digestive problem with flatulence,indigestion,belching,heartburn,constipation or frothy motion. It will not be long before they become irritable ,restless, loss of weight, appetite, and spend time with anger ,hatred, jealousy, and sleepless night.
I must say a word or two regarding constipation. most of these youngsters get up very early and in hurry to commute to the office go to the toilet and try hard to evacuate before they get the urge to do so. As a result their is incomplete evacuation, flatulence irritability etc. latter they develop piles, fissure ,fistula. we eat only when we are hungry similarly we should evacuate only we get the urge to do so. no office will punish or terminate you for coming to office prior to evacuation. There is toilet in the office why not use it when there is a need. This is IRRITABLKE BOWEL SYNDROME and the disease is increasing at an alarming rate for reasons well known
Bad eating habits will lead to ulcers,malnutrition,diabetis,cancer, obesity, hypertension, depression etc.
One who eats one complete meal a day is a YOGI (a healthy person)
One who eats two complete meals a day is a BHOGI (a connoisseur)
One who eats three complete meals a day is ROGI (a sick person)
One who eats four complete meals a day is DROHI (a greedy person)

As the Food So the Mind, As The Mind So the Thought, As The Thought So the Actions"

Friday, November 21, 2008


What is the objective of retirement? I am pretty certain that all of you will agree that happiness and a lasting one with contention is the objective. Have we not been seeking to attain this happiness? Of course we did try by amassing wealth, luxuries, name, fame, status in the society. We go all-out to get the admiration by the people, by the society in our effort to attain happiness. Every time we chase to achieve happiness it keeps eluding like a mirage. At certain point we halt and ask our self where is this happiness, why it is not attainable and how to get it.. So the eluding happiness is in our mind. This has taken so many years to realize that. happiness is the state of mind..
Now at retirement age we have realized as what Benjamin Franklin says” HAPPINESS DEPENDS MORE ON THE INWARD DISPOSITION OF MIND RATHER THAN OUTWARD CIRCUMSTANCES.”
During our purposeful life career chasing materialistic wealth we didn’t have the time or inclination for such mental disposition.
After retirement how we go about to tune our mind to attain the bliss of happiness.
When we retire in retirement community it opens up an opportunity to mingle with like minded seniors, remain in solitude, introspect, in ambient environment living in the lap of nature listening to birds chipping, enjoying rejuvenating fresh air.
SOLITUDE: In solitude we are alone. It is not loneliness. In loneliness there is depression with negative frame of mind. whereas in solitude we are alone wherein we are able to silence the outside noise. But there is still inner voice like anger, hatred, ego, jealously, etc.These inner voice also has to be erased to attain happiness..We have to have a positive frame of mind and imbibe certain qualities which are attainable with sincerity and commitment.
1} Limiting our desires rather than attempting to satisfy them . Desire is endless. Desire should be only for the basic needs like food, health, recreation hobbies etc..
I am not sure that I will totally agree with our father.MrA thinks and wants to harm Mr.X,,abuses Mr.X and murders him. No doubt he is happy .his thoughts, words, and deed were in perfect harmony. But his happiness is impure with a sense of guilt. This guilt complex will die only with him. This is not what Mr. A wanted.. Our thoughts,words,and deeds must be focused on compassion and should not be with harmful intention to realize pure bliss and happiness.
2]FORGIVENESS: To an opponent tolerance, to a friend your heart, to your child a good example, and to yourself respect. These will ensure healthy life with high standards of morality, spirituality, and satisfaction. People who forgive experience more energy, better appetite, and better sleep pattern. Life well lived is your best revenge.

3]TOLERANCE: It is sign of strength, makes you empathize with your opponents, control emotions calmly and can disarm your enemies.

4}INTIMACY WITH YOUR FRIENDS: This serves as cushion for a stress free life. maintain friendship as a top, priority with deep relationship and openly discuss your fears, and feelings. Stand by them in good and bad times to win their loyality and sincerity.

5}GOOD EXAMPLE TO YOUR CHILD: Mahatma Gandhi said “ we must be the change we want to see in the world” Child acquires this quality of life from you. These days of hi-tec learning facilities the affectionate link between the parents and the children have gone astray and lost. Grand parents are the best teachers to teach and inculcate good habits ,the value of discipline,recreation,love ,respect ,friendship etc by story telling.
6} HOBBIES: Give vent to your thoughts, open up your mind and take up a hobby of your choice eg: outdoor hobbies like gardening, shuttle, golf, or any game of your choice.
This will ensure happiness and physical activity. Indoor hobbies like chess, scrable is a good way to keep your mind active, alert, and creative with a positive frame. Avoid getting into rust by taking up a hobby as your next milestone in your long journey of life.
7}NOBILITY:It is an individual characteristic learnt through experience and positive thinking accepting others as they are and not trying to change them to our whims and opinion.
8} HUMILITY;By giving advise only when called for,you are safeguarding in others ability, and in the process opening yourself to wonderful learning experience. The secret of giving advise: give advise but don’t insist on following it.
9} INCULCILATING GOOD HABITS: and values in our life help us to become the kind person who will be liked and respected by people whom we meet and touch.
10}FOOD HABITS: Healthy vegetarian food is best choice to keep our mind free from ego and harmful thoughts. Further veg diet is easily digestible Disciplined timely diet should be the rule.
11} PHYSICAL EXERCISE: Outdoor physical exercise help to keep the circulatory,respiratory,excretory system in equilibrium and helps to rejuvenate the mind .It has been stressed again and again that walking is the best form of exercise to keep away from diabetis,cardiac problem. Early morning walking is preferred since the air is relatively free from noise and more importantly air pollution.

Saturday, November 1, 2008



What are the options available after retirement.?
1] CARE TAKER OF THE FAMILY :wherein the retired man /woman takes care of the day to day household work like paying bills, taxes, purchasing daily needs, attending telephone calls, baby sitting, answering front door bells etc.. This type of retirement life is more or less thrust upon them while the youngsters are busy building up their career, name ,image ,focus entirely being towards a monitory oriented .There is hardly any time or intention for relaxed family get-together. .If both the seniors and the children have their own freedom there will be mutual respect with healthy relationship.

2] TAKE UP A SECOND SALARIED CAREER:This type of retired life becomes obligatory when there is no financial support, and the need is to take care of the spouse. One is left with no choice except to live with their children who don’t offer any helping hand. but expect them to take up option [1} i.e. care taker of the family. Under such circumstances retired persons forced to meet his or her medical expenses and daily needs. Hence a retired citizen has to take up a remunerative job to meet the ends in spite of his infirmity.

3]BECOME A MOUSE OR COUCH POTATO:Addiction to T.V. or computer is no doubt time passing but eventually lead to obesity,hypertension,cardiac problem, depression,alzhemier disease. This is certainly contraindicated. This type addiction will no doubt invite physical and mental abuse from children

4] CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A RETIREMNET COMMUNITY:This seems to be the best option when a citizen has [a] saved enough wealth to take care of both husband and wife [b]in reasonable good health [c]insured against medical expenses [d]maintaining a harmonious relationship with children. This will ensure freedom to children to live their chosen way of life and avoid day-to-day friction between in-laws., and avoid contempt breeding In fact this will strengthen the bond and relationship with affection between parents and children when they get-together during family functions or holidaying together with grand children
Living in a retirement community will open up opportunities to explore new avenues to do something different to give vent to your latent hidden thoughts, take up hobbies like gardening, reading, agriculture, bee keeping, recreational activities like golf, shuttle, chess, scrable etc.One will be able to interact with co citizens to go together to temples, pilgrimage centers etc.Life in retirement community with different form of engagement we are free to choose want we want.. This gives a great deal satisfaction and peace of mind. We are free to engage in group activities like social service, helping orphanage children, health care for tribal people etc.. Opportunities to take part in meditation, yoga etc will provide positive emotional energy and help to slow the aging process.. With right attitude this change this life will be a most satisfying period of leisure and contended life. There is sense of freedom with new life rhythm. We will be able to relish the quietness and appreciate of being alone and not wanting to be among the rat race crowd. What seemed important earlier doesn’t seem to be any more.

The most vital aspect of retired life is not only to keep our physical well being but also to keep our mind active, energetic, willimgness to lend our ears to others views, and accept things and people as they are .It is essential for a retired senior citizen to have self belief in his /her ability to handle pain,sorrow,or good news with equilibrium. Day to day learning new words, solving crosswords, puzzles will energize the brain and boost up the immune system. Above all as we age we should accept life as it is, learn to be listener rather than critical, view other opinion as suggestion rather than critical or reprimanding, develop compassion and empathy ,cut down our expectations and demand to the bare minimum. This way we become wiser and age gracefully.

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Let me first discuss retirement plan for a couple.Husband and wife agree towards retirement.. I am sure that lady more than the husband will be more willing to retire early considering the fact that she has been all these years looked after the house keeping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc . Sure enough she looks forward to a relaxed life which will free her of the burden. All the more these days when getting reliable house help is a daunting problem. It is often said that after retirement the wife gets a full time husband. Not many husbands are keen to help out with the house keeping since either they are unwilling or too lazy or unfamiliar with job .Now we have a case when the lady feels enough is enough with the housekeeping and the husband not keen to give a helping hand to the lady. Both of them are eager to retire and there will be no need for house keeping and the husband also is free..They will have to find a place to be taken care of reg.their food, health, security..Food preferably vegetarian should be easily digestible with less oil, salt fried foods etc .basic health care, emergency medical aid should be available with in the campus. Facilities to take care of them till their end with nursing assistance, physiotherapy are essential. Having lived in urban surroundings all these years retirement place should be free from noise and air pollution. Security for the residents with round the clock watch and ward, intercom communication system, fire extinquisheretc are essential
For a bachelor, divorcee, or spinster the retirement plan is much simpler since he /she are alone to decide without the need to give respect the views of the spouse.
Living in retirement homes will open up avenues for socializing with like minded citizens, form a platform for discussion, to create opportunities like part time education, teaching embroidery, toy making etc.These will impart a sense purpose in life with commitment. Here we have something to live for, where there is no room for brooding over the past or worrying about the future.
Facilities for supervised yoga, meditation will help to inculcate compassion, empathy etc

Like minded citizens are free to get together and take picnic tour to hill stations or pilgrimage to temples..
Keeping pets like dogs will ensure a sense of belonging. Opportunities to take up a hobby like gardening, bee keeping, vocal or instrumental music, taking part in laughter club or indoor games like chess, scrable, and dart will help to rejuvenate the aging mind..

All such activities will prevent the aging mind sinking into depression.

Sunday, October 19, 2008



During our professional or business life we chart out a plan for next day, next week and so on. Similarly we must plan well in advance for our retirement, whether we are planning for a second career or just sit at home as care taker of the family, looking after the children paying bills etc. if one chooses to take up an income generating second career then we are back to square one living with our ego to build up an image in the society. If one chooses to be a care taker of the family then we are open to criticism, abuse by children etc. which will eventually lead to depression. We should not consider retirement as a set back but look forward to it with advance planning so that we enjoy our retirement.


A]High morale; First we must accept that aging is a biological inevitable process and in order that we don’t decay develop mind set to give vent to our thoughts open our mind to keep ourselves active with our chosen hobby or activity. With low morale our immune system is depressed and it means new diseases are likely to engulf us.

B] Finance planning: plan well in advance say 4 years earlier and take into consideration 1] inflation,2]reduced income 3] our needs and expectations.mediclaim insurance is essential to cover for hospital expences.we must accept to spend within our reduced income and avoid buying things which we don’t use regularly. when we have saved enough wealth we need not look forward to financial assistance from children or relatives.

3}Health: learn to accept aging with a positive out look ,compassion, forgiveness. All these ensure boundless happiness. Happiness adds years to life but more so life to years. Your immunelogical competence gets a booster.

Food: avoid non.vegetarian food,alcholol,smoking. Good easily digest able organic vegetable food are preferred

Exercise: Moderate regular physical activity helps to keep the circulatory,respiratory,and excretory system in a healthy state.

Hobbies: we must open our mind and give vent to our thoughts and take up a hobby. Hobbies in our retired life give immense joy, pleasure and satisfaction .
Indoor hobbies: painting, handicrafts, bridge card game, chess,reading, correspondencepuzzle solving etc
Out door hobbies: apiculture, gardening, golf, photography, table tennis or tennis. These are some of the hobbies which can be undertaken.

Hobbies with social contacts: teaching, health care of poor people also ensure immense satisfaction. Hobby is the attitude of the mind. In order our mind does't become a devils workshop developing a hobby is a must

Attitude towards other people: don’t try to dominate, don’t insist that your advise is followed, don’t seek sympathy, don’t brood over the past..
As I have mentioned earlier aging is inevitable biological process and as long as we live we should delay the onset of age related disease.
Laughter club:becoming member of a laughter club and group laughing is a good exercise for the body especilly for the respiratory system and also it invigorates the mind adding alertness with a positive frame of mind

Monday, October 13, 2008



We should accept that aging is an inevitable biological process .our cells loose their vitality and diseases like diabetis, hypertension are more common these days as one advances in their life cycle. In addition restricted mobility, diminished memory, diminished eye sight, and hearing etc are bound to happen. But we should not sink into depression and make life miserable to oneself and to the family members.
In these days of highly competitive world it is a rat race in all profession and business. In chasing our competitors we have created a life full of stress and tension. What happens then we have sacrificed our leisure, fail to socialize with friends and families. Because our ego we are only trying to live in relation to our society to build up a image. Once we retire we have all the time in the world to live for our self and expectation, where there is no goals to score, no hurdles to jump, no roads to cross, no targets to achieve,, no need to please your superiors or take orders from them.. As we grow older we seem to recognize that life is only to go on so much longer, time is starting to run out and we start to shift our goals to socialize and enjoy rather that achieving..Wealth, reputations are necessary for a comfort living but how many rich aristocrats are happy and contended? We attain inner peace and contention once we start to live for our self that has been eluding all these days. We have all the time in the world to do something different, cultivate an individuality that has too often been denied for the sake of work.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



I am sure each one of us during our tenure with the professional or business carrier must have experienced flashes of thought to to take up a hobby like golf ,billiards, photography, gardening etc. But didn’t have the time since we are pre occupied with our intention been focused on climbing up the pyramid with material gains and to build up an image in the society. On attaining the retirement age we still want to cling on to the name and label as chairman or C.E.O. Hence the reluctance to call it a day and retire. one cannot expect to live with the same comfort zone as before. People don’t want to loose their social status and dignity. people who held high position In the government service have enjoyed free residence, manpower at their command and after retirement feel they are worthless without a label. If only they have planned well in advance for retirement this self pity and worthless feeling will not surface. Some desire to continue as the care taker of the family giving advice and holding the financial control of the family expenses. This is another factor for reluctance to retire.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How can one retire from life while he or she is still alive and kicking. you may disengage from one profession to may disengage from civil service,private business or profession like engineer,or doctor and engage yourself taking up hobby,like gardening,painting ,touring the world,beekeeping,taking social service to the needy,or engaging yourself with what you have been wanting to do while you were in service but did'nt have the time -what i am meaning to say is that you are still alive and being engaged and hence the wording retired life is not appropriate. when you are in the active professional life you are earning and after certain stage you are no more an earning member and spending time with your saved wealth and enjoying life so we cannot call it a second career either. what people mean when they say they have retired that they are no more a earning member but enjoying life with their saved wealth.Retirement is synonymous with ‘VANAPRASTHA” meaning cessation of productive activity, a period of introspection and coming to terms with oneself. Retirement does not mean to sit back and become a couch or mouse potato. On the other hand there should be a continuation engagement in an activity of one’s choice in a relaxed mood and with compassion and which gives contention. Age should not be the cut of point. Happiness should be the goal

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My complete profile


Age:70 yrs
Profession: surgeon
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Established a senior citizens home and settled
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