living bridge

Friday, December 24, 2010

conversation with GOD


“Good morning GOD”

“Very good morning my child”

“I wonder what GOD are you?” Lord Shiva.Vinayaka, Jesus Christ, prophet Mohamed or what? I am perplexed”

‘Well my child you may address me as you wish for I am one and the same and all in one. So long you address me with truthfulness and sincerity I will listen to you”

“You mean you are the only GOD for religions Hindu, Muslims, and Christians” !!

‘That is right-you see it is all in the mind set. You believe in one GOD of your choice and stay committed to your belief but don’t contradict other views and believes and let them live the life of their beliefs”

“Yes, yes. Mind set—I have two mindsets today and I am unable to choose one”

“Well what is it about”

“It is simple- all the same I am baffled whether to take masala dosai or idly with sambar today. I like both and I dislike both at different times. I know you think it is very odd but that is fact of the matter today”

“Listen my child-you are in a unstable state of one mind i.e. conscious mind. you must get into a stable state of conscious mind. Stop liking and disliking at the same time and choose one without critical analysis. You are wasting your valuable energy with useless thoughts”.

“Thank you GOD. Not to insult idly or dosai I will have both and get better energized. “

“Now that you have mentioned conscious mind is there a unconscious mind.?

“Come, come-- no way you can have mind when you are unconscious. But there is the subtle significant subconscious.”

“You mean semiconscious”

“No-no --subconscious mind is awake all the time even when the conscious mind goes to sleep”

“Where is the need for subconscious mind when we do all our activities with the conscious mind?”

“Good question-- you are beginning to learn. while your conscious mind is fast asleep the subconscious mind will guide the conscious mind to solve the problem with imagination, creativity building route maps to realize your goals. Haven’t you heard of McCartney dreamt of the tune for his album Yesterday, Howe invented the sewing machine after his dream of a spear with a hole,Matametcian Ramanujam dreamt of magical formula.”

“O.K-O.K but why two minds? Why not the conscious minds do all the dreaming? By the way what is this conscious mind and where is it?”

“You are asking me?”

“Yes of course.”

“It is me the subconscious mind”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes I am the subconscious mind dwelling in every human being.”

“Then why don’t you come out clean as conscious mind?”

“See my child I have given the conscious mind a privilege of independent thinking only to human. With conscious mind every individual is given a freedom to imagine, innovate and become proactive and productive”

“O.K then where is the need for subconscious mind “

“This inquisitiveness is unique for the human conscious mind.
I quietly admire your achievement. When you are in trouble I chart out a plan to solve the problem. Also it is my prime duty to warn you when you are not honest, truthful and ego driven”

“I am beginning to understand .in that case. Is there any way we can communicate with subconscious mind?”

“There is no need to communicate with subconscious mind directly. Just stay focused to your goals and objective –subconscious mind will provide the answer or give a clue out of the blue springing a surprise to the conscious mind. Create a mental picture of what you want to be and enjoy with imagination the audience applauding your success. If you want to become a surgeon imagine yourself like Christine Bernard and getting a prestigious award, if you want to become politician learn to deliver speech of multiple promise which you need not keep .Before your conscious mind go to sleep recapitulate all the steps taken so far and the remaining steps to be taken to achieve your goal. Next morning only few steps will remain. Your day dream must be followed by planned action.”

“Talking about dreams I need one clarification from you GOD”

“I will do my best to clarify”.

“I am 70 years, have post prandial glucose intolerance but not frank diabetic. Well controlled with exercise and diet. The PSA. Level is normal. I get up 2-3 times at night to empty the bladder [90% of elders do}.now the funny thing is that every time I get a dream of empting the bladder in different context and circumstances and then I wake up to empty the bladder. But why is this dream of empting the bladder, followed by the act of empting every time and almost every day?”

“HA,--HA you are not bed wetting -or do you?”

“At my age! –you are kidding’

“When you are sleeping your conscious mind is at rest and the impulse of full bladder is received only by the subconscious mind .Subconscious mind cannot perform a voluntary action to empty. So the subconscious mind give a wake up call to the conscious mind to to empty the bladder.”

“So I see. Thank you subconscious mind”.

“Machan, Machan--- sleeping till7A.M-- very unlike you. Wake up, help yourself with breakfast Idly or dosai both are ready, I am off to school to drop the kid”

This was not a call by the subconscious mind for voluntary empting but from my better half to voluntarily open my eyes.

With sun shining I thanked subconscious mind for revealing the mystery of dream for voluntary action

This Rambling is the flow thoughts when one of my patients mystified about the coincidence of dream and night voiding almost every night.