living bridge

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality is one hundred percent.    R.D.Laing


Yes a blunt truth very succinctly  worded.But when I  deeply dwell  for a minute  I am  a little puzzled by branding life as disease since its birth by sexual transmission. Life has began nearly 3-4 million years ago in the form of single celled oraganism-Arachea  and has evolved    through various stages to the present state .Life has no mortality. Death is only is to the vehicle which carries the life in its journey. The vehicle may be human,plants,animals,insects or  any living organism in the planet.The vehicle may in its journey may die during the course of its journey by some form of disease or due to aging process. So where is this life after the death of vehicle? It is a million dollar question, discussed,critically analyzed ,various hypothesis put  forth  but without any consensus opinion. As an illiterate on this subject I remain in awe without offering any answer. However I disagree in branding life as disease even though life is sexually transmitted

Further Disease -{DIS-EASE}- means a state of being unwell either physically,mentally which is unlikely in all cases right from birth, so branding life as a disease is not correct 

LIFE: L- Living ,I-In the,F-Flow of,E-Enegry
Living  In The  Flow of Energy

Life is living, being alive, being energized towards ,growing,maturing,learning the art of survival while the nucleus in the hypothalamus through secretion of various hormones  takes care of energy  homeostasis so that the energy produced by food intake and the energy utilized are balanced. Energy is utilized in the perception of sight,smell,taste,sound,touch so that it is identified and properly interpreted  such that the body can suitable respond. This sense of perceptibility is present in animals,insects and in some plants e.g Mimosa  Pudica a sensitive plant which when touched fold and drop to defend themselves and open again after a few minutes. We humans are blessed with the ability to think of any relevant subject, critically analyze and take suitable action. Thought is the grass root of our imagination, innovation ,creation,and implementation of ideas for practical applicability. More energy is utilized for this purpose. This creative  energy is always on the flow and so long it is positively directed we are happy and contended which is the sole purpose in life.