living bridge

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



I am sure each one of us during our tenure with the professional or business carrier must have experienced flashes of thought to to take up a hobby like golf ,billiards, photography, gardening etc. But didn’t have the time since we are pre occupied with our intention been focused on climbing up the pyramid with material gains and to build up an image in the society. On attaining the retirement age we still want to cling on to the name and label as chairman or C.E.O. Hence the reluctance to call it a day and retire. one cannot expect to live with the same comfort zone as before. People don’t want to loose their social status and dignity. people who held high position In the government service have enjoyed free residence, manpower at their command and after retirement feel they are worthless without a label. If only they have planned well in advance for retirement this self pity and worthless feeling will not surface. Some desire to continue as the care taker of the family giving advice and holding the financial control of the family expenses. This is another factor for reluctance to retire.