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Friday, December 24, 2010

conversation with GOD


“Good morning GOD”

“Very good morning my child”

“I wonder what GOD are you?” Lord Shiva.Vinayaka, Jesus Christ, prophet Mohamed or what? I am perplexed”

‘Well my child you may address me as you wish for I am one and the same and all in one. So long you address me with truthfulness and sincerity I will listen to you”

“You mean you are the only GOD for religions Hindu, Muslims, and Christians” !!

‘That is right-you see it is all in the mind set. You believe in one GOD of your choice and stay committed to your belief but don’t contradict other views and believes and let them live the life of their beliefs”

“Yes, yes. Mind set—I have two mindsets today and I am unable to choose one”

“Well what is it about”

“It is simple- all the same I am baffled whether to take masala dosai or idly with sambar today. I like both and I dislike both at different times. I know you think it is very odd but that is fact of the matter today”

“Listen my child-you are in a unstable state of one mind i.e. conscious mind. you must get into a stable state of conscious mind. Stop liking and disliking at the same time and choose one without critical analysis. You are wasting your valuable energy with useless thoughts”.

“Thank you GOD. Not to insult idly or dosai I will have both and get better energized. “

“Now that you have mentioned conscious mind is there a unconscious mind.?

“Come, come-- no way you can have mind when you are unconscious. But there is the subtle significant subconscious.”

“You mean semiconscious”

“No-no --subconscious mind is awake all the time even when the conscious mind goes to sleep”

“Where is the need for subconscious mind when we do all our activities with the conscious mind?”

“Good question-- you are beginning to learn. while your conscious mind is fast asleep the subconscious mind will guide the conscious mind to solve the problem with imagination, creativity building route maps to realize your goals. Haven’t you heard of McCartney dreamt of the tune for his album Yesterday, Howe invented the sewing machine after his dream of a spear with a hole,Matametcian Ramanujam dreamt of magical formula.”

“O.K-O.K but why two minds? Why not the conscious minds do all the dreaming? By the way what is this conscious mind and where is it?”

“You are asking me?”

“Yes of course.”

“It is me the subconscious mind”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes I am the subconscious mind dwelling in every human being.”

“Then why don’t you come out clean as conscious mind?”

“See my child I have given the conscious mind a privilege of independent thinking only to human. With conscious mind every individual is given a freedom to imagine, innovate and become proactive and productive”

“O.K then where is the need for subconscious mind “

“This inquisitiveness is unique for the human conscious mind.
I quietly admire your achievement. When you are in trouble I chart out a plan to solve the problem. Also it is my prime duty to warn you when you are not honest, truthful and ego driven”

“I am beginning to understand .in that case. Is there any way we can communicate with subconscious mind?”

“There is no need to communicate with subconscious mind directly. Just stay focused to your goals and objective –subconscious mind will provide the answer or give a clue out of the blue springing a surprise to the conscious mind. Create a mental picture of what you want to be and enjoy with imagination the audience applauding your success. If you want to become a surgeon imagine yourself like Christine Bernard and getting a prestigious award, if you want to become politician learn to deliver speech of multiple promise which you need not keep .Before your conscious mind go to sleep recapitulate all the steps taken so far and the remaining steps to be taken to achieve your goal. Next morning only few steps will remain. Your day dream must be followed by planned action.”

“Talking about dreams I need one clarification from you GOD”

“I will do my best to clarify”.

“I am 70 years, have post prandial glucose intolerance but not frank diabetic. Well controlled with exercise and diet. The PSA. Level is normal. I get up 2-3 times at night to empty the bladder [90% of elders do}.now the funny thing is that every time I get a dream of empting the bladder in different context and circumstances and then I wake up to empty the bladder. But why is this dream of empting the bladder, followed by the act of empting every time and almost every day?”

“HA,--HA you are not bed wetting -or do you?”

“At my age! –you are kidding’

“When you are sleeping your conscious mind is at rest and the impulse of full bladder is received only by the subconscious mind .Subconscious mind cannot perform a voluntary action to empty. So the subconscious mind give a wake up call to the conscious mind to to empty the bladder.”

“So I see. Thank you subconscious mind”.

“Machan, Machan--- sleeping till7A.M-- very unlike you. Wake up, help yourself with breakfast Idly or dosai both are ready, I am off to school to drop the kid”

This was not a call by the subconscious mind for voluntary empting but from my better half to voluntarily open my eyes.

With sun shining I thanked subconscious mind for revealing the mystery of dream for voluntary action

This Rambling is the flow thoughts when one of my patients mystified about the coincidence of dream and night voiding almost every night.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The language of EYES

The language of Eyes

Eyes are very powerful media through which we are endowed to express our feelings, thoughts,, interpretation of events, with joy,hatred,anger without a single word spoken. It is an outlet of our emotion. Thus it is aptly quoted “Eyes are the windows of the soul”

The brightness of the light, the shape or color of an object is passed from the eye to the brain, wherein a mental emotion or physical response is created. This response is reflected back through the eye language.

A message or incident however aptly described, truth is defined only after seeing. This is what “SEEING IS BELIEVING”. We can also train to programme our mind to seeing acceptable features or events and to avoid unpleasant scenes. Our feelings and interpretation of events are let out through the eyes which are the \WINDOWS OF THE SOUL
Eyes speak louder than words, a unique mode of communicating non-verbal language.
When the “EYES ARE LOOKING AT RIGHT” the mind is fabricating or guessing
While recalling facts “EYES ARE TURNED TO THE LEFT”
When there is direct ‘EYE TO EYE CONTACT” the speaker is either honest or faking honesty. And the listener is attentive.
When we listen to interesting talk the ‘EYES ARE WIDENED”
While the ‘EYES ARE RUBBED” when we are upset or sad. With
Excitement ‘WE BLINK”
When we acknowledge a statement we say ,yes I agree by ‘WINKING”
When we meet a friend after a long time ‘EYEBROWS ARE RAISED” as a gesture of greeting.

MONA LISA painting portrays uncanny ability to follow the onlooker with her subtle smile.
Dutch painter Rembrandt Van Rajin is good at making the eyes of his portrait to follow the onlooker.

Another interesting fact which has been observed in experiments is the fact that when we look at plants with joy, love, gratitude and admiration the plants grow faster and better. This is simply concentration, synchronization and co-ordination of body, mind and soul.. Mind and body is single unit. They cannot be separated. The mind thinks and the body acts. There is the third EYE OF WISDOM or insight with which we need to focus on good things and avoid bad events..This is spiritual wisdom.EYES NEVER LIE. Our feelings, attitude are relayed through the eyes. Our anger, hatred however deep rooted will be revealed even if we try to hide them. Thus the phrases” CASTING A EVIL’S EYE” or ‘EYE FOR EYE” is coined.
“EYE CANDY” is a pleasing sight.
“EYE SORE “ is unpleasant.
“FAR SIGHTED’-FORESIGHTED-NARROW VISION” –TUNNEL VISION” are phrases of our mental perception.
We have to be careful not to allow negative sight to enter and blur our brain

Thursday, October 14, 2010


According to Hindu legend, there was a time on earth when people posssessed the wisdom and virtues of the Gods.But the veil of physical life kept human beings from fully appreciating this gift.

Brahma concluded that it is wrong to leave such precious treasure lying at the feet of sleepwalkers. so he decided to hide it where only the most pesistent would ever find it.
" Let's bury it deep in the earth" one God suggested.
"No" replied Brahma. people will digdown the earth and find it."
"Then let's put it in the deepest ocean" said another.

Brahma rejected that idea too. "People will dive and find it someday"he said.
A third asked "Why don't we hide it on the highest montain?"
Brahma answered "No ,people will climb even the highest moutain. I have better place. Let's hide it inside the people themselves.They will never think to look within themselves"

And thus ,for centuries together,man has been wondering hither and thither in vain, without appreciating that true enlightenment and bliss lies within his own inner self.

Only those fortunate few, who attained "self-realisation" have achieved the ultimate in life.

Listen to the voice within . There is a friend inside.The greatest pligrimage is the journey inwards .

Monday, September 27, 2010

The enemy within

What is anger?

It is a emotional outburst to any others behaviour,or incidents or unfaourable circumstances or unexpected results or own health problems.It need not be shown by way of shouting,hitting,breaking things etc.It is also expressed in subtle forms of irritation,aloofness,resentfulness,rejecting someone mentally.The anger expression is really connected to negative emotion.

Why one gets angry?

Anger is Ego-driven, EGO is Edging GOD Out

Ego is so much part of us because we have put so much energy in building it up. We generally seek refuge in arrogance fuelled by Ego,thinking it is our strength. In reality it is our weakness that covers an innate sense of inferiority. When we underestimate others we are in fact overestimating ourselves which switches on the angry button giving justification for the anger outburst.

Harmful effcts of anger.

Anger is self destructive--out pouring of adrenaline leading to rapid heart rate,high blood pressure.Having burnt up the energy one feels totally exhausted,tired,weak which in turn makes more irritable.

Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

In an instant a decade of good work can be wiped out by anger. not attempting to overcome anger one has to live with eternal fear of anger. Anger feeds and results in more anger --a never ending cycle.Anger can never is an effective way to resolve issues. it harms the giver as well as the receiver .The family relationship is fractured unravelling the fabric of the society.Ultimately we are in the midst of epic like war,with ego as our nemesis.Every day brings a new battle and the battlefield is within.The malacious anger enemy within us invariably is self destructive

Tips to ovecome anger.

Sure everyone desires to get rid of this corrosive and debilitating anger. But how? easily said than done

Ask yourself. WHY? We never ask why because we are afraid of the answers.Knowing why often puts immediate full stop to anger.Instead of getting angry retreat into silence and analyse why? In moving from ignorance to knowledge the ego and anger gets crushed. We need not try to be a perfectionist but aim to maintain a equilibrium within.If you dsiagree when some one shouts at you, get out for fresh air breathing, then you will be in mood to voice your opinion in a subtle tone rather than getting angry

Develop the art of listening to others views.learn to agree to disagree. any topic to be discussed but not argued. respect feeling ,opinion of others slow down, give it a thinking for a second time, before you react.It is like reading between lines. if someone shouts at you don't retaliate in a similar fashion, when in due course the anger of other person will melow down.Practise of yoga and meditation in silence is rejuvenating, empowering self with patience,tolerance,peace,and kindness. When we are bitten by a snake we should not allow the venom to get into our blood circulation.When we are peace within ouselves none can ignite the fire of anger in us.

Friday, August 27, 2010


It is estimated that about 30% soil surface and 20% of fossil fuel energy is required for world wide food production. One third of cereal harvest and 90% of Soya is used for animal feed
The number of hungry people has risen to about 1000 million recently.
In the face of increased population, growing number of undernourished children, vegetarian diet is the only choice to reduce environmental degrading and ensuring world wide continuous supply of nutritious food.

We have built slaughter houses for animals and hospitals for ourselves

It is crafty of mankind to cal himself a non vegetarian instead of carnivorous


1}Less cardio vascular diseases eg.hypertension,heart attack

2}less metabolic disorder eg. Osteoporosis, diabetis, lower cholesterol,
Less obesity, constipation, diveticular diseases kidney stones etc
3} Lower incidence of cancer: The consisting of fruits, green vegetables like Brussels,brocooli,cauliflower cabbage green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes These foods and herbs contain of host of cancer-protective phytochemicals such as carotenoids, flavonoids, isothiocyanates, isoflavones, ellagic acid, glucarates, curcurmins, liminoids, lignans, phenolic acids, phthalides, saponins, phytosterols, sulfide compounds, terpenoids, and tocotrienols. These beneficial compounds alter metabolic pathways and hormonal actions that are associated with the development of cancer, stimulate the immune system, and have antioxidant activity. Lower risk of breast cancer due to lower level of estradiol

4] Pregnant vegetarian mothers are less likely to pass antidotes of cow’s milk which may produce abdominal colic for the infant
5} advantages of fruits:: Various factors exist in fruits and vegetables that provide possible protection against cardiovascular disease. These factors include folic acid, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, carotenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids, and other polyphenolic antioxidants. Typically, vegetarian diets are also somewhat lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Vegetarians typically have lower blood cholesterol levels. Plant diets rich in soluble fiber (such as found in dry beans, oats, carrots, squash, apples, and citrus) are useful for lowering serum cholesterol levels.

The benefits on human mind can only be experienced and not explained or measured.


When animals are slaughtered they produce chemicals that may lead to aggressive behaviour.aggressive may be in the form of irritability, impatience,verbal abuse etc.Animal food robs the basic humanity in the mankind




Tuesday, July 27, 2010

trip down memory lane

Nostalgic memories
I studied at Lawrence school ,Lovedale,Ooty from 1951 to 1954.At that time the annual holiday was in winter i.e. December to January. Once when I was on holiday I broke my leg playing foot ball with tennis ball, as such I couldn’t continue there. I lived in Aravlli house. At 6.30 a.m.when the trumpet sound is heard we run down for piece of bun and tea, after that we are taken for a rapid march for half an hour. we are allowed to take a bath only on alternate days a quick fix, for the sergeant keeps a watchful eye. Horse riding, boxing are compulsory. Scared of a fight I feigned sickness at the hospital. In the evening we are trained with dummy guns with slope arm present arm, order arm. We were only 15 Tamil speaking students. We are not allowed to talk in our mother tongue and once we were got red handed by the British boys and handed over to the headmaster. In retaliation we got them smoking in the toilet. THOSE WERE THE DAYS .HOW I WISH I COULD RELIVE THOSE DAYS OF FUN, FIGHT, FROLICING WITH FRIENDS

Even though I have visited Ooty many times always failed to visit my Lawrence school.
This time I made it point to visit along with my family. That day was holiday I couldn’t get inside my old Aravalli dormitory the main building remains the same but they have done absorbing landscaping and added new houses.
We stayed old British house now used as “GLYNGARTH VILLA” for tourists.
Nice place with good hospitality.
Posted few photos {pardon for the quality as I am beginning to learn posting} for your pleasure

nilgri mountain railway

steam loco motive puffing and negotiating a curve

grand son at the tunnel

family at the botanical garden


with the wax model of Gandhi

Grand daughter on horse back

Lawrence school

Flowers made thread at thread garden[A UNIQUE GARDEN}

Saturday, May 15, 2010


LIVE-IN- RELATIONSHIP has become the topic in recent days especially after supreme court verdict squashing all the petitions filed against actress Kuspoo

We are not like our forefathers. We have to accept our children as to what they are and not how we want them to be, but not to the extent of permitting live-in-relationship

From the age of puberty, boys are attracted to girls and vice a versa. This is normal physiological response to hormonal balance. There is longing for intimacy, companionship, courtship and ultimately to sexual relationship.
While the youngsters are busy with the competitive world of I.T and allied fields their desire for opposite sex is subdued and kept in hibernation. Once their educational ambition is achieved they are on the hunt for a suitable job. By this time they are matured to the age 24-25., develop their own identity, own life style. They are also exposed to western culture through media. The internet, S.M.S T.V. are in reality corrupts the young mind to take a experimental plunge to adopt such life. At this stage with fat salary, the hidden urge for companionship and sex springs back to life. Compelling workstation atmosphere, need to excel others etc results in lot of stress. To de stress youngsters seek different avenues like, drugs, late night life with opposite sex etc.hostel living, engaging in common projects gives them an open opportunity to get to know their personal likes and dislikes apart from the chosen subject.
What starts as casual companionship latter ends as live-in-relationship. The recent Supreme Court verdict that it is legal for two grown ups to live together without a wedlock. With live-in-relationship youngsters have no time and mind to discuss, deliberate the merits and demerits of such relationship which has no ethical or moral value. Children born out of such relationship had to face lot of problems without parents name, schools not accepting, friends and possibly society neglecting— branding them as illegitimate They may end up with depression, learning disability, attention disorder or even suicide.
Such life also exposes the couple to health hazards like HIV and allied diseases .We have seen in western society that such relationship does not last more than few years. Fractured relation led to unwanted pregnancy, illegitimate child. May end up with depression or even suicide of the mother or they may go hunting for a new partner. Such life is totally unacceptable with our society. I wonder why the youngsters who choose for a live-in—life style don’t get married. If the boy and the girl love each other then let them get married. Probably such convenient living, Live-in relationship gives them the freedom to breakaway at their will and pleasure. They don’t want to be labeled as married and live in a cocoon, that husband will abuse and treat the wife badly are all lame excuses. I am of the opinion that live-in relationship are not just for company or friendship but pure and simply driven by sexual urgewhich is sure weaken latter leading formultiple partners and associated hiccoughs. What we see now is that more and more of girls than boys are jumping to such life style. we humans are endowed with sixth sense, thinking, introspection, contemplation, reasoning and judgment. Western society is already paying the prize of such life style. There are few of westerners who have come to India and got wedded Indian style. I don’t mind boys and girls having friends of opposite sex.It is a window of opportunity for them to exchange views, discuss, intellectually contemplate and take a wise decision about selecting life partners. Parents should not be harsh with them for such friendship but if the children are side tracking then parents should step in and guide them to inculcate respect, morality and merits of wedded life. It is true that youngsters of today will not respect for elders advising them but that doesn’t mean that we should refrain from disagreeing,or disapproving their decision. otherwise they will take it for granted that we whole heartedly agrees with them. That is not to be. We may advise them but not insist on implementing it.Let them then choose life style of their choise and face the music

My humble suggestion is to get the children especially girls married as soon as they have completed their studies and attained the age of 23-24 for girls and 28-30 for boys definitely before they start earning and living independently

My daughter got married at the age of 18 to an architect. Soon after seeing her off to the groom’s house I shot back to my bed room and cried for one hour repenting the mistake of not continuing her studies. She couldn’t be persuaded to continue further. Now she has one daughter –an interior designer – married recently and a son an architect to be married soon. My daughter may not have studied in the college but she has learnt all the lessons of life,rasised her children, educated them about morality, respect for elders love for others and got them married at the ripe age. To day I am proud of her. How I wish my tears that day was of joy rather than of sorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hm! I haven’t updated my blog for long?! My wife broke her leg, operated, back home she fell sick with chest problem, recovered only to see me fall sick. The break led to laziness as well I admit..

Last week we celebrated senior citizens Jamboree .50+ to -87+ seniors. Altogether 250 participated.. This being a maiden venture I was a little apprehensive about the ageing senior’s willingness to involve in the events. The morning fun filled events were designed to test the memory power with a card game and picture recollection, lung power by blowing the balloon to the defined size. It was a pleasure to watch most of the ladies and gents involving themselves with a never say die attitude. That is it ,I have taken back my apprehension

Mr. Vincent a pioneer in vetriver cultivation distributed free saplings to the interested citizens.

In the early morning sun and cool breeze the citizens participated in the relay walk and mini golf course which tested their mind, eye, and coordination with humor and joy.

Time now for lunch and as usual for every one to boast their performance in the games. How may balloons you managed,--do you have to burst the balloon---how did it go with your memory?! I did it in 2 mins –any chance for prize let me wait and see---oh! I couldn’t handle the ball and walk--- but the gentle men with the hat and a beard did it well--- and so on the lively gossip also about their nostalgic memories of yester years brought forth a gentle smile of the neighbor savoring his lunch

With the heat building up it is time to get under the shade for some talent show by seniors.

Mrs.Latha Sundararajan with her eloquent voice,Mrs.Menaka Gangadharan and her Troup with Venna, Mirudhangam,and Morsing entertained the citizens .
Mr.sivasankara nair performing yoga with remarkable flexibility

We have laughter club in our city –about six members of the club highlighted the health benefits of laughing –sense of well being and a booster to immune system etc..Later all the audience participated in group laughing with great enthusiasm It is time now to listen to some health care tips.

Dr.Periaswamy touched our heart with heart care tips
DR.Pranesh ‘s tips to keep the mind balanced and happy was well taken
Dr.Lakshmipathy’s humorous anecdotes –indeed a belly laugh all around

Justice A.S.Venkatachalamoorthy chair person human rights commission was the chief guest. He touched upon the increasing population of seniors and advised them to keep a positive outlook, accept elders limitation . He also promised to dispose elders cases at the earliest..

The winners in the events were awarded prize by Sri.Nanjappan retired district judge.

To end the show the participants were entertained with puppet show {a popular art few decades back now slowly dwindling} along with high tea The feed back we got later has been a real morale booster. Hopefully we will have Jamboree every year with more citizens and more entertaining events.