living bridge

Thursday, October 14, 2010


According to Hindu legend, there was a time on earth when people posssessed the wisdom and virtues of the Gods.But the veil of physical life kept human beings from fully appreciating this gift.

Brahma concluded that it is wrong to leave such precious treasure lying at the feet of sleepwalkers. so he decided to hide it where only the most pesistent would ever find it.
" Let's bury it deep in the earth" one God suggested.
"No" replied Brahma. people will digdown the earth and find it."
"Then let's put it in the deepest ocean" said another.

Brahma rejected that idea too. "People will dive and find it someday"he said.
A third asked "Why don't we hide it on the highest montain?"
Brahma answered "No ,people will climb even the highest moutain. I have better place. Let's hide it inside the people themselves.They will never think to look within themselves"

And thus ,for centuries together,man has been wondering hither and thither in vain, without appreciating that true enlightenment and bliss lies within his own inner self.

Only those fortunate few, who attained "self-realisation" have achieved the ultimate in life.

Listen to the voice within . There is a friend inside.The greatest pligrimage is the journey inwards .