living bridge

Saturday, July 23, 2011

down my memory lane

Down memory lane.

as I was clearing the mess on my writing table -happen to tumble upon a poetry I have written quite few years back when grand daughter attained maturity.when she was a little kid I used to take her with me in car to kodaikanal estate. one day it was raining heavily when she asked "appichi where does this all water go when it gets to the bottom of the mountain"? Believe me I was happy because she asked me a question I could answer. Trying to keep her amused I started bla,bla singing heavenly angels above the dark clouds pouring water-But what for appich? rain drops falling water, water every where,cascading down the slopes of rock,bushes ,watering the plants and trees and thirsty birds, animals. But appichi what happens to so much water when it gets down the bottom? water is stored in the tank,pumped up the overhead tank and supplies water for drinking,washing,bathing.

At the age 12 i think, she attained maturity when she asked me to write a poem I was dumb founded ,nevertheless I didn't want to disappoint her. only three days left so when ever i had Spare time i kept doodling what ever flashed in my mind.and thus borne the poetry in time.


Recalling those days,you
Sitting on my tummy
Hugging my chest
LIstening to stories
Embracing sleep your way

Wanting me to write a poem
Signifying your maturity
Opening a new adloscent
Chapter in "BOOK OF LIFE"

Coming of age
Becoming timid,shy,and reserved
Shedding Childhood innocence
Blossoming with adolescent aspirations
Paving away cartoon T.V.
Taking interest in nature T.V.


Tempting civilized world
Yielding only to short gain ecstasy
Suffering life long agony
Choosing your path with discretion
Taking quidance from elders
Having an ambitious goal
Believing in yourself
Achiveing it with credit
coming your way is success


Governing supreme nature above all
Taking time to play,pray, and meditate
Possessing compassion,and contention
Is the key to "SUCCESS IN LIFE"