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Monday, March 15, 2010


Hm! I haven’t updated my blog for long?! My wife broke her leg, operated, back home she fell sick with chest problem, recovered only to see me fall sick. The break led to laziness as well I admit..

Last week we celebrated senior citizens Jamboree .50+ to -87+ seniors. Altogether 250 participated.. This being a maiden venture I was a little apprehensive about the ageing senior’s willingness to involve in the events. The morning fun filled events were designed to test the memory power with a card game and picture recollection, lung power by blowing the balloon to the defined size. It was a pleasure to watch most of the ladies and gents involving themselves with a never say die attitude. That is it ,I have taken back my apprehension

Mr. Vincent a pioneer in vetriver cultivation distributed free saplings to the interested citizens.

In the early morning sun and cool breeze the citizens participated in the relay walk and mini golf course which tested their mind, eye, and coordination with humor and joy.

Time now for lunch and as usual for every one to boast their performance in the games. How may balloons you managed,--do you have to burst the balloon---how did it go with your memory?! I did it in 2 mins –any chance for prize let me wait and see---oh! I couldn’t handle the ball and walk--- but the gentle men with the hat and a beard did it well--- and so on the lively gossip also about their nostalgic memories of yester years brought forth a gentle smile of the neighbor savoring his lunch

With the heat building up it is time to get under the shade for some talent show by seniors.

Mrs.Latha Sundararajan with her eloquent voice,Mrs.Menaka Gangadharan and her Troup with Venna, Mirudhangam,and Morsing entertained the citizens .
Mr.sivasankara nair performing yoga with remarkable flexibility

We have laughter club in our city –about six members of the club highlighted the health benefits of laughing –sense of well being and a booster to immune system etc..Later all the audience participated in group laughing with great enthusiasm It is time now to listen to some health care tips.

Dr.Periaswamy touched our heart with heart care tips
DR.Pranesh ‘s tips to keep the mind balanced and happy was well taken
Dr.Lakshmipathy’s humorous anecdotes –indeed a belly laugh all around

Justice A.S.Venkatachalamoorthy chair person human rights commission was the chief guest. He touched upon the increasing population of seniors and advised them to keep a positive outlook, accept elders limitation . He also promised to dispose elders cases at the earliest..

The winners in the events were awarded prize by Sri.Nanjappan retired district judge.

To end the show the participants were entertained with puppet show {a popular art few decades back now slowly dwindling} along with high tea The feed back we got later has been a real morale booster. Hopefully we will have Jamboree every year with more citizens and more entertaining events.